April 24, 2018

169 Thumb Jam

1) 'Wild Honey Pie' by The Beatles;
2) 'Desire' by U2;
3) 'Save Me' by k.d. lang; 4) 'Go Home' by Stevie Wonder;
5) 'Happy Hour' by Weezer; 6) 'Live In The Moment' by Portugal. The Man;
7) 'Watching The Detectives', a live recording by Elvis Costello and the Impostors; 8) 'I Can't Explain', a live recording by The Who;
9) 'Stand By My Girl' by Dan Auerbach; 10) 'Flying V' is a short song by They Might Be Giants; 11) 'Poor Poor Pitiful Me' is a Warren Zevon song recorded by Linda Ronstadt; 12) 'Bad Luck' is the new single by Neko Case; 13) 'All That Heaven Will Allow' by Bruce Springsteen; 14) 'Step Inside Love' is a Lennon/McCartney composition recorded by Cilla Black; 15) 'Karma Police' by Radiohead; 16) 'Slow Burn' by Kasey Musgraves; 17) 'The Mother' by Brandi Carlile; 18) 'Sharon' by David Bromberg was sampled by 19) The Beastie Boys recorded 'So What'Cha Want'; 20) 'Looking At The Sun' by Matthew Sweet;
21) 'Every Kinda People' by Robert Palmer; 22) 'La Mer' is a French-language version of 'Beyond The Sea', a live recording by Julio Iglesias.