February 20, 2018

The Shape of Water

Thanks to Grandma for making this date night possible!
A warm, heartfelt romantic fable between a lonelyheart cleaning lady and a sad, captive sea creature. Wonderful performances from Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins, a typically menacing Michael Shannon, and some occasional trademark Guillermo Del Toro gruesome moments. Michael Stuhlbarg is great, again!
Somehow Del Toro also manages to fit in reflections on the following:
  • The struggles of a lonely gay man in early 1960s Baltimore;
  • The sad, desperate attempts by majestic movie theaters to draw in audiences with epic, garish spectacles while people watch movies on television instead;
  • The decline of illustrations in print advertising versus the advent of photography in print ads
  • The truly tragic fender bender between a Ford van and a brand new 1962 Cadillac.

I'm not giving this movie an A-plus only because it's a little too long - movies should always sprint to the finish! - and because the gruesome moments didn't fit the otherwise sweet, heartfelt tone of the film.
My Stub Hubby Grade: A
West Newton Cinema. Theater 5 capacity = 119 persons. Ten minutes before showtime occupancy = just me and Emily! Would this be the night when we get to see a movie alone Alas no; three couples joined us at the last minute, but they were quiet and did not speak, so they were allowed to stay.