February 5, 2018

167 Coat Strike

I first logged into Spotify almost two years ago, and I started paying the Premium subscription last summer. This has been an epic shift in my relationship to music. It's taken me this long to full grasp, even embrace the idea that I don't have to "own" music that I want to "have". Paying the subscription fee to avoid hearing all the commercials wasn't the moment when I fully transformed into a contemporary music fan. The moment was this past Christmas. I have used my Amazon Wish List to keep track of special deluxe box sets from my favorite artists. I realized Spotify is teeming with deluxe editions. Many of the bonus tracks and Disc Twos I had hoped to hear someday were now waiting for me on Spotify. I reconciled my wish list against what is on Spotify and deleted potential future Christmas present CDs from R.E.M., Wilco, and The Smiths, among others. What an odd anniversary: I received my first Compact Disc as a Christmas gift in 1987, thirty yuletides ago. You will find newly released recordings from those
The Boss and The Mozz
driving around town together
feeling all melancholy
CDs listed below as streamed from Spotify.
  1. "Last of the Twilight Girls" Rest in peace, TOMMY KEENE (1958-2017)
  2. "Back on My Feet Again" THE BABYS
  3. "Try Not To Breathe" R.E.M.
  4. "Little Plastic Castle" ANI DIFRANCO
  5. "Stolen Car" [The River: Single Album Version] BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
  6. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" [live at Great Woods 1987] THE SMITHS
  7. "Happy" [live in Texas 1978] THE ROLLING STONES
  8. "In Bloom" [live at Reading 1992] NIRVANA
  9. "The Obvious Child" [live in Central Park 1991] PAUL SIMON
  10. "Let Me Roll It" / "Purple Haze" [live at Citi Field 2009] PAUL McCARTNEY
  11. "Maureen" FOUNTAINS of WAYNE
  12. "What You're Doing" THE BEATLES
  13. "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" [alternate] WILCO
  14. "Have You Ever Had It Blue" [single version] THE STYLE COUNCIL
  15. "Johnny Feelgood" LIZ PHAIR
  16. "Drivin' On 9" THE BREEDERS
  17. "Unsatisfied" THE REPLACEMENTS
  18. "Lake Song" THE DECEMBERISTS - Two bands whose names end with "TS" - maybe I should have added The Rembrandts to this playlist too?
  19. "Northern Sky" NICK DRAKE
I don't listen to CDs anymore, and this winter was the moment when I fully accepted that I don't miss it.