March 17, 2017


Impressive finale for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Equal parts twilight Western and "government baddies chasing mutants to steal their powers", Jackman is lucky to be able to say farewell on his own terms.
My Stub Hubby Grade: A-minus.
This film answers the hard, uncomfortable questions about mutants: when there are no battles left to fight, isn't it a curse to be an indestructible superman? What happens to the most dangerous brain on Earth when Professor Xavier loses control of his mind? Isn't the priceless power of mutants too tempting for exploitation of children? The previous X-Men movies touched on these ideas but this film dwells on these ideas. The R-rating allows us to see simply chilling footage of child mutants being exploited (much more explicitly than in X-Men: The Last Stand).
Thanks to the R rating we get to see what Wolverine can really do with his claws. Also, there's lots of cursing!
Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and young actress Dafne Keen were all great. I was pleasantly surprised to find Richard E. Grant as the lead mutant researcher/exploiter, and Stephen Merchant is an interesting choice as an albino mutant helping Xavier and Logan in the Mexico desert. The lead hunter for the government baddies is played by Boyd Holbrook: he's got plenty of charisma, and he's smart enough to not underestimate Logan, but we know next to nothing about him except he respects the X-Men.
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