February 21, 2017

The Best Batman Movie?

Reading this Tweet yesterday I had a revelation:
I realized The Lego Batman Movie might be the best Batman movie, period.

Before I saw this hilarious brick movie, my #1 Batman movie was The Dark Knight. TDK is a great superhero movie, but it seems impossible to compare The Dark Knight to The Lego Batman Movie. How can you compare a movie that "explores the psychological motivation of the heroes and villains of the Batman comic books with an exciting postmodern, 21st century perspective" to a "funny, silly, heartwarming" movie where Robin fights bad guys with Gymkata?

That's when I realized that your answer to "what's the best Batman movie" depends on what kind of superhero movie is en vogue at the moment. The gritty superhero movie trend, begun with Batman Begins 12 years ago, was a necessary course correction after the campy Batman movies of the 90s. However, the trend has gone on long enough. The latest gritty superhero movie, Batman v Superman, "bombastic and glacially paced", was the last nail in the coffin.

How do I know gritty superhero movies are dead? My favorite superhero movies of the last few years are light and funny: Guardians of the Galaxy and DeadpoolThe Lego Batman Movie makes three funny and light superhero movies in a row.

So my new answer to the question "What's the best Batman movie is The Lego Batman Movie,  because my favorite kind of superhero movie right now are the light and fun superhero movies.