January 1, 2017

Year in Review 2016

Going to a classic movie on a first date, just like me and my wife!
I went to the movies 17 times in 2016, not a bad total for my parenting years! A nice batch of great movies too- here's my Top Ten, in order:
  1. Deadpool is laugh-out-loud funny and a welcome relief after too many grim comic book movies (like Civil War and Dawn of Justice)
  2. Kubo & The Two Strings: stunning, thoughtful, and mysterious not-quite-for-kids movie. 
  3. Manchester By The Sea is heartwrenching and moving, and perfectly captures the personality and landscape of the North Shore.
  4. La La Land: a very bouncy yet melancholy music romance. Ryan and Emma have ALL THE CHEMISTRY
  5. Moana has good music, and the young woman takes charge and saves the world despite the help from the demigod.
  6. Arrival is my favorite kind of Alien-First-Contact movie. Mind-bending conclusion that will leave you thinking.
  7. Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: more magical world-building from the mind of JK Rowling!
  8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a perfectly crafted espionage/war film that clicks in nicely just before A New Hope.
  9. The Secret Life Of Pets: I've seen it three times this year and it's still funny and charming. I love Jenny Slate's Gidget!
  10. The BEATLES Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years may be the best of many Beatles documentaries I've seen, maybe because Ron Howard devotes all his energy (and budget) on just the touring life of the Fab Four. Indispensable for any rock fan.