December 31, 2016

La La Land

A very bouncy yet melancholy music romance.
I have to get over my hangup about "movie musicals" and just appreciate this movie for what it is- a romantic comedy with some singing and dancing; So what if Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone can't sing all that great and don't do too much dancing- they have ALL THE CHEMISTRY, way more than Debbie Reynolds did with Gene Kelly.
My wife loved it, and I could tell right away because she was so engaged with it on the ride home. We talked about it like Harry & Sally discussing Casablanca:
Harry: "He wants her to go!"
Sally: "I don't think she wants to stay!"
I enjoyed La La Land but my wife loved it so I'll give it a bump from a B+ to an A grade
(with Em, West Newton screen 2, New Year's Eve)