October 15, 2016

157 Rainy Days and Saturdays

This playlist was assembled in iTunes, and the first one finished on Spotify. I don't know for how long I will use Spotify to create, or re-create playlists, but this was the first. Several of the songs on here are not available on Spotify (see notes, below).
  1. Squeeze "Up The Junction"
  2. Ben Gibbard "Teardrop Windows"
  3. Graham Parker "Get Started, Start a Fire" heard on WERS. My first-ever Graham Parker song on a playlist. Only took 157 tries!
  4. Jamestown Revival "Love is a Burden"
  5. Pearl Jam "Dissident" - I just sold my still-sealed 1993 copy of Versus on vinyl for $37 on eBay.
  6. Bruce Springsteen "The Promised Land"
  7. Boy & Bear "Southern Sun"
  8. The Corrs feat/Bono "When The Stars Go Blue" - Forget Leonard Cohen's "Alleluia". This is my favorite "modern standard" ballad that everyone covers.
  9. Adele "I Can't Make You Love Me" [live] - from a live CD that was bundled with her Live At Royal Albert Hall DVD.
  10. Aerosmith "What It Takes"
  11. Red Rider "Lunatic Fringe" - a one-hit wonder I remember perfectly from the 1980s on WBCN...that I would never have been able to name even if you put a gun to my head. Thanks to George for sharing it in response to the Trump candidacy. Red Rider featured Tom Cochrane, who would produce a bigger one-hit wonder in 1992 with "Life Is A Highway"
  12. Wilco "The Boys are Back in Town" [live] - this Thin Lizzy cover is from an official bootleg recorded at Solid Sound 2013 where the band's entire 27-song set was all-covers and all by request.
  13. Bastille "Good Grief"
  14. Jerry Harrison "Rev It Up" - I have owned his Casual Gods CD for many years yet never played it. I heard this song (with its heavy Talking Heads vibe) on WERS.
  15. Heart "Never"
  16. Jagwar Ma "Come Save Me"
  17. The Beatles "It's All Too Much"
  18. Aimee Mann "Say Anything" - another song I love whose title I didn't know. Heard on WERS, the undergrad DJ called this a "golden oldie".
  19. Bob Dylan "Absolutely Sweet Marie"