December 29, 2015

The Hateful Eight Roadshow

The Hateful Eight is a three-hour snowbound whodunit, like an Agatha Christie story, but with more "N-bombs" and heavy blood loss. Shot in Panavision Super 70, the film looks amazing. There are some spectacular landscapes, two stunning tracking shots (or perhaps the camera is on a truck) following stagecoaches through the woods, but almost the whole movie takes place in one big room during a blizzard, and the high grain film stock offers us lovely textured images of the cast's faces, and panoramic views of the room.
The plot begins to bore in a few places, and QT cannot help but take the violence to the extreme, but on the whole this was an interesting mystery and a unique moviegoing experience.
The Somerville Theater's 70mm projectors, ready to go.
Three hours of 70mm film weigh over 200 pounds!
The Hateful Eight was presented at the Somerville Theater as part of a nationwide Roadshow presentation. Every date on the roadshow is exhibiting the feature on 70mm film, with full-color souvenir programs, a 5-minute overture of Ennio Morricone's score preceded the opening titles, and a 15 minute intermission 100 minutes into the film. The sold out crowd was engaged, entertained, and attentive! Thanks to my sister Kate and Tim for organizing, buying the tickets, and providing welcome company and analysis of QT movies in general and Hateful Eight in particular!