December 30, 2015


A raucous, profane, and hilarious house party movie, with a shot of family heart and soul. I hope that the title "SISTERS" and the lack of any bros on the movie posters doesn't keep guys from seeing this movie, because it has just as many dick jokes, drug jokes, and slapstick comedy gags as any guy-centric party movie: At one point, Bobby Moynihan's pun-spouting doofus gets super-high on drugs and tackles John Cena. Ike Barinholtz gets a ballerina music box jammed up his rectum. A swimming pool collapses into a sinkhole. What more do you want?!? And yes, it is about sisters, and the sister relationship is awesome, and Fey and Poehler have all the chemistry. I LOVE watching them say "fuck" so much. They're really good at it, and they never got to say it on 30 Rock or Parks & Recreation!
Originally titled The Nest - an even worse title than Sisters! If I had been the exec in charge, I would have pandered more to guy audiences and emphasized the house party more. Is the name House Party taken?
Just as the trailers were starting, seven 50-something women sat in two rows directly next to me. Uh-oh, I thought, but they turned out to be great- they laughed at all the jokes and made the movie so much funnier! Showcase Cinemas Legacy Place, Dedham