December 9, 2015

A Christmas Carol [1938]

I've TiVo'd three or four adaptations of A Christmas Carol this December. This 1938 version is a pleasant and brisk 69 minutes:
  • The boy playing Tiny Tim looked exactly like a young Angelina Jolie;
  • The nephew Fred had a more prominent role than most adaptations and was very pleasant;
  • The Ghost Of Christmas Past went on to play one of the O'Hara sisters in Gone With The Wind and a Bennett sister in Pride & Prejudice;
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present looks like Will Forte from The Last Man On Earth (sorry I didn't take a screen shot!)
Strangely, in this version Bob Crachit gets fired by Scrooge at the end of Christmas Eve day - Scrooge fires him because Crachit joins some street rats and throws a snowball at Scrooge by mistake! Cratchit then goes on a manic shopping spree, and tries to bluff his way past his wife at home.
The rest of the Crachit kids are quite heartwarming with their joyous excitement over their feast and the goose Bob has brought home for them. I appreciated their deprivation more in this adaptation than I had before.