August 12, 2015

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

I watched a five-quel and a six-quel this week:
Rogue Nation is another quality thriller from the Tom Cruise Consistency Machine. Jack Reacher was a little bit fascist, Oblivion was derivative, and Knight & Day didn't make a lick of sense, but the word I'd use to describe his average action thriller is dependable. The action scenes are airtight, if sometimes too unbelievable (no one can hold their breath that long.) The riverside cafe confrontation, and the final chase/battle across the streets of London were the cleverest part of the movie.
  • Rebecca Ferguson is terrific as a double agent...or is she a triple agent? She's practically the co-lead of the movie - she has much more to do than Jeremy Renner - and thankfully, her romance with Tom Cruise is kept to a minimum.
  • Simon Pegg has been promoted to third banana, and his character has a dramatic arc!
  • Jeremy Renner has nothing to do in this movie except let the plot points pivot around him. He has no action scenes, he's turned into a boring boss!
  • Ving Rhames is also only in half the movie, but he looks damn fine in his caramel brown jacket + hat...
  • Alec Baldwin is the director of the CIA, which is a nice touch for the original Jack Ryan. I wish his character were slightly more clever and slightly less a political animal. It would be possible to make his character as clever as Ethan Hunt, but always two steps behind. As it is, I was disappointed watching his character slowly connect the dots.
My two major gripes- the villain was creepy looking but his plans were boring, and Ethan Hunt's motivations for his impossible plans seem more reckless and illogical than ever. I have to agree with the Senate panel at the beginning of the movie that believes most of the IMFs success is due more to luck than talent.