August 31, 2015

153 Froghorn

"What's tall and green and loud and hops?"
  1. "The Electric Co." I finally saw U2 for the first time in July (see photo) and this was their opening song. I subsequently listened to Boy all the way through. I appreciate their early mix of punk energy and New Wave romanticism.
  2. "A-Punk" Vampire Weekend more fast-paced guitar rock.
  3. "Lovers Jamboree" Nick Lowe I'm going to put a Nick Lowe or Dave Edmunds song on every playlist until my head explodes.
  4. "Hey Hey" [unplugged] Eric Clapton I think I listened to this CD every day in 1993.
  5. "Budapest" George Ezra I am fascinated by this song- it's half folk/blues mellowness, but also the singing has a Roy Orbison/Elvis Presley vibe. I carefully picked the songs before and after "Budapest" in order to best frame that dichotomy.
  6. "(Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame" Elvis Presley this Top Ten hit single, with its strident acoustic guitar riff, seemed a good fit.
  7. "My Love Will Not Let You Down" This Bruce Springsteen tune from the Born In The U.S.A. sessions is prominently featured in the film Rikki & The Flash. (From the 1972-1992 Tracks box set, )
  8. "There Goes Another Love Song" The Outlaws I've been going heavy on the 1970s rock lately, especially focusing on bands who I have overlooked in the past.
  9. "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)" Blue Ash: a one-hit Power Pop wonder.
  10. "Ruby" Kaiser Chiefs yes I am being too clever with these three songs...
  11. "Ruby Baby" The Drifters (I almost picked the Donald Fagen cover for track 11)
  12. "Baby" Brandy ...but it isn't too clever if it still works!
  13. "I Love You" Climax Blues Band another 70s band I never noticed when I was becoming a rock and roll fan.
  14. "Find Your Way Back" Jefferson Starship a tremendously uncool song. Another song from this LP was played at a Sox game this summer, which inspired me to track this one down.
  15. "Feeling That Way" A good Journey song that didn't make it onto the Greatest Hits CD.
  16. "Bargain" The Who I think I listened to the Who's Next cassette (that I stole from a stranger's house party) every day in 1990.
  17. "Impossible Germany" I just bought the Wilco tour documentary DVD Ashes of American Flags; with my purchase I was granted a license to download the MP3s of the concert performances. A sweet bonus!
  18. "Here Comes My Girl" [Live] Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers from the Tom Petty Live Anthology
  19. "How Does It Feel To Be Back" I am getting into the Daryl Hall & John Oates deep album cuts, including this track with John Oates on lead vocals.
  20. "Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House I love this song, but I didn't quite stick the landing on this playlist.
  21. "Jamaican Rock" Monty Norman; one of the Jamaican songs from the soundtrack album to the James Bond movie Dr. No.