July 25, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

A fun, light, but action-packed and occasionally overly violent spy thriller, and intensely English all at the same time. A refreshing change from the current mode of dark and humorless spy movies (Bourne & Bond) this movie deliberately sets a different course. I appreciated that this movie makes no concessions to please American audiences, its Englishness adds tons of character where a more "generic" feel would have been boring.
The plot structure is similar to the first Men In Black movie- seasoned veteran recruits a untested rookie to possibly join a secret spy group, except in Kingsman: The Secret Service, the rookie testing/training is a full "A" plotline that spans the first two acts of the film. The other "A" plot is another billionaire Internet genius (Samuel L. Jackson) attempting to pull off a very Bond-ian eugenics scheme.
I was very happy to see Colin Firth having a good time in a movie like this; newcomer Taron Egerton is slyly charming as the low-class rookie; and Jackson is refreshingly light as a villain, he doesn't show any menace even when he's plotting genocide. If you'd like to see the Bond films return to the humor and lightness of the Roger Moore years, but retain a modern sleekness, check it out. (Amazon Instant Video)