June 7, 2015

Melissa McCarthy in Paul Feig's SPY

In the modern spy movie, the secret agent always has a desk jockey walking them through their mission talking in their earpiece. A complaint about the new Bond movies is that Bond never has to act alone anymore because someone at HQ is always backing him up from a console. What would happen if Bond's favorite desk jockey were promoted to field agent?
What a funny fucking movie! I was laughing out loud throughout.
  • It's hard-R-rated, so the jokes are very rough, and worth it.
  • There's real action sequences, including car chases and hand-to-hand combat. Not Bourne Supremacy good, but much better than most comedies.
  • The A-list supporting cast is perfect: Jude Law finally gets to play James Bond, Miranda Hart is wonderful as the best friend, and Jason Statham might overplay the jokes a little bit.
  • Wonderful location shooting- another plus you normally don't see in a comedy.
  • Great interior locations too- a decrepit Paris apartment building and a disused power plant control room are the standouts.

Stub Hubby Grade- I'm giving SPY an A-minus instead of an A because:
  • I figured out the third act twist immediately;
  • The fat-and-ugly jokes are all very funny, but maybe it's time to set them aside? No one actually calls Melissa McCarthy "fat" but it's in the subtext of many jokes.