April 20, 2002

080 Idolatrous

I love this photo from the inner sleeve of Living Colour's
debut album VIVID. 
I didn't do any alterations
to the photo 
besides adding my text on top.
Some mixes are named after a 75 cent word that's just floating around at the moment. I don't remember why "idolatrous" was that word in April 2002?
By weird coincidence, this playlist shares two songs* with a playlisty of mine 13 years in the future: Pretzelvania
  1. "King For A Day"* XTC
  2. "Last Goodbye" Jeff Buckley
  3. "Killin' Kind" Shelby Lynne
  4. "I Know What I Know" Paul Simon
  5. "Getting Better" The Beatles
  6. "Breaking The Girl" Red Hot Chili Peppers
  7. "Alex Chilton"* The Replacements
  8. "I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying" A middle-aged post-divorce song from Sting
  9. "Church of the Poison Mind" Culture Club
  10. "Broken Hearts" Living Colour
  11. "Counting Backwards" Throwing Muses
  12. "Where Do I Begin" [edit] The Chemical Brothers featuring Beth Orton
  13. "Just Keep Me Moving" k.d. lang
  14. "Circles" Soul Coughing
  15. "Train In Vain" A no-nonsense cover of the Clash song that makes me respect Third Eye Blind
  16. "Lost in the Supermarket" is my wife's favorite Clash song.
  17. "Waiting In Vain" A nice Bob Marley cover from Annie Lennox
  18. "Special" (Rickidy Raw R&B Mix) This R&B remake is way better suited for the song than the original 90s-alt-rock arrangement on the Garbage album. It sounds like they threw away everything but the vocals to remake this single?
  19. "Follow Your Bliss" A lovely instrumental that closes out The B-52's Cosmic Thing album; I read somewhere that this song is like the closing credits music for the album; that idea inspired me to open and close many playlists with instrumentals to set the tone, much like credits music in the movies.