January 16, 2015


There is no normal life for the ultra rich. What happens when you're raised in a universe where no human relationship is not tainted with unlimited wealth?
Steve Carell's John du Pont is a pathetic, creepy, and terrifying character.
Born and raised without attachment to other people and denied simple friendship and affection between human beings, John du Pont is like one of those fish that live at the bottom of the sea. His entire persona is malformed by his environment. All he wants is for his mother to respect him and for genuine kindness from his fellow man, but he's utterly incapable of connecting with anyone, and he lives in a world where his unlimited wealth insulates him from honest human relationships.

What an incredible performance from Steve Carell. I have seen him act in 138 episodes of The Office and a handful of movies, but none of that is onscreen in this movie. Not only is John du Pont a radically different man than any he's played before; it's as if Carell has put aside his toolbox and has opened a whole new toolbox for this performance. He's spellbinding. Not a false moment in the whole thing.
Landmark Embassy Cinema, with Adam