January 1, 2015


or, the Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance

Birdman was excellent, fun, inventive, meaningful, and only a skosh self-important. Michael Keaton & Ed Norton are hilarious, Emma Stone was great.
Keaton is a aging movie star searching for relevance and definition by directing, financing, starring in, and adapting Raymond Carver for the Broadway stage. Can he keep his rickety play and incestuous cast together through previews until opening night?
Most of the movie takes place in real time, and no "cuts" from angle to angle or scene to scene. Far from being a gimmick for its own sake, it was easy to become immersed in the movie's style. I'm not sure if this style could work for any genre, it works great for a movie with only six principal actors that takes place in one building.

I also liked the percussion score- mostly performed on a drum kit, it works better than I expected. I would totally go see it again. What fun. My Stub Hubby Grade: A.
TRAILER NOTES: I didn't read the book, but the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer is laugh-out-loud funny. The trailer makes the most ordinary sex play look so dangerous and forbidden. I've never used whips, blindfolds, or candlewax, or had a special sex dungeon in my penthouse, but this trailer made kinky sex between consenting adults look as debauched as cannibalism.

THEATER NOTES: The small Screen 2 at Embassy Waltham was sold out, and the crowd was mostly 50 and older, but thankfully remained completely silent throughout the movie. Actually it was kind of weird how silent it was. I laughed out loud a few times - not very loudly, but no one else was laughing!
Because I never listen to my instincts, I hung my eyeglasses on the front of my shirt during the trailers. I thought "this is not a smart place to put these" but did I listen? NO! ...and almost immediately they fell on the floor...but I didn't know it at the time. I figured it out two hours later, after the movie was over, while putting my hat on in the lobby. I rushed back into the theater, and voila, my glasses were sitting lenses-up on the floor under the seat in front of me, completely undamaged. Another moviegoer called out "that's a good sign for luck in the new year!" and I hope to remember that for all of 2015.