January 1, 2015

150 Pretzelvania

This playlist is named for the punchline of a joke my son made! I finished this mix around the end of the year. Sometimes you don't know you're not going to futz with a playlist anymore until long after you last futzed.
By weird coincidence, this playlist shares two songs* with a CD mix of mine from 13 years ago: Idolatrous
  1. "All Down The Line" The Rolling Stones are one of those bands where I'm not always 100% sure which guitarist is playing which parts. I appreciate that Keith has a distinct style, but I'm not always certain.
  2. "Gardening At Night" (Different Vocal Mix) I used to think R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry was the most boring drummer of any band I really liked, but my taste has evolved over the last few years, and I appreciate him much more than I used to.
  3. "Fix This" The Colourist
  4. "Crosseyed And Painless" Talking Heads live, from Stop Making Sense.
  5. "The Love You Love" The Walkmen
  6. "What's The World Got In Store" Wilco
  7. "Junior's Farm" Steve Miller and Paul McCartney have been buddies for a long time, so it makes great sense for Miller to sing a Wings song from the same era (and style) as those classic Steve Miller Band songs.
  8. "Alex Chilton" (outtake)* The Replacements
  9. "Shake Some Action" The Flamin' Groovies; I think I first heard this song when Cracker covered it?
  10. "When The Levee Breaks" Led Zeppelin; I bought myself the remastered Led Zeppelin IV for myself for Christmas.
  11. "Hide and Seek" Imogen Heap
  12. "Listen To What The Man Said" Owl City; I love it when a band covers a song from more than one generation earlier.
  13. "Even Better Than The Real Thing" U2
  14. "King For A Day" (Versailles Mix)* XTC
  15. "Sun Goze Down" Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke; heard on the TV broadcast of the Red Bull Signature Series super-cross racing event Romaniacs.
  16. "Congratulations" Traveling Wilburys; Bob Dylan singing a comically pathetic and passive-aggressive lament.
  17. "Slip Kid" From The Who By Numbers.
  18. "Cindy" Tammany Hall NYC; heard on the tv show Scrubs, I think.
  19. "My Little Drum" Vince Guaraldi Trio