July 28, 2014

Guys Movie Night: JAWS

What a treat to see JAWS on the big screen again (for only the second time ever- the first was at the Wang Center in 1995), and this time we saw it while on summer vacation in Chatham, MA, on the same Nantucket Sound that the movie was filmed on.
Our vacation spot at Hardings Beach in Chatham
looks exactly like the beach where Crissy Watkins
went skinny dipping in the opening scenes of the movie.
It was surreal to spend the day on the beach, then step into a movie theater and watch a nearly identical beach get savaged by a killer shark.
I've read some new reviews of JAWS lately on The Dissolve, and I really noticed the Altmanesque overlapping dialog, but mostly the style seems dictated by his restrictions of time, budget, and creative control (he didn't have much).
The movie still scares audiences- I love the moment when Ben Gardener's severed head floats out of the hole in the boat - I knew it was coming and I savored the audience reaction. I honestly could not tell if there was a shriek on the movie's score, or if someone screamed when the head floated into frame. The audience was relief-laughing and murmuring about it halfway through the following scene (the billboard vandalism, see below).
Love the nautical sports coat!
I keep all my ticket stubs, but I
don't usually take photos of them!
Theater Notes: The newly-restored Orpheum Theater in Chatham is very pleasant. The picture and sound were fine, the seats and theater were comfortable, and the audience was totally locked in. My only complaint? The bathroom only had two urinals and a toilet, so there was a line after the movie.
(with George, Adam, and three 1975 throwback 'Gansetts- it was fun crushing my can in stereo with Quint in the movie!)
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