July 11, 2014


The guys all have lots of hair in 1980!
It was a treat to see Caddyshack in a theater, all the way through. I really appreciated how great Ted Knight is: his unique flavor of asshole WASP is impossible to describe and perhaps hasn't been equaled until Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development.
Chevy Chase is only his average charming self, and Bill Murray delivers a tiny gem of a weirdo, thankfully never repeated or exploited beyond these few little scenes.
Rodney Dangerfield never holds still long enough for the camera to focus on him- he bounces around like those wind sock guys at used car dealerships.
Let's not forget the lead character- we root for Danny the caddy (Michael O'Keefe), but why? He's a completely directionless loser who openly cheats on his girlfriend! In 1980, I think this was seen as a preferable alternative to all the motivated "winners" in this movie: not to get too intellectual, but all the country club members - the ones with jobs and ambition - are portrayed as corrupt, out-of-touch boors. A slacker with no prospects doesn't seem so bad by comparison.
Stub Hubby Grade: B-plus
Gen X Note: The distance between Caddyshack (1980) and Ghostbusters (1984) is huge for a mid-Generation Xer like me. I was only 8 when Caddyshack came out, but 12 for Ghostbusters, so I have seen Caddyshack on VHS, but never all the way through in one sitting, whereas I saw Ghostbusters in the theater during the best summer of my life, and 30 years later every frame is encoded in my DNA.
Part of the "Bill Murr-a-thon" at the Arlington Capitol, with George