May 26, 2014

Godzilla [2014]

What a weird Godzilla movie. First of all, Godzilla does not even appear until 60 minutes into the film. The lead characters are two MUTOs, flying monster mosquitoes, basically, that get a lot more screen time than Godzilla himself.
Some critics have complained that the humans are totally sidelined and secondary to the monsters. I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with the wooden acting from the "lead" Aaron Taylor-Johnson (worst action leading man since Sam Worthington; pairing him with Emmy and Tony winner Bryan Cranston as his dad seems like a cruel prank) and the illogical and foolish choices the humans make.
I am happy to ignore the impossibility of a 600' tall animal - it's bones would break under their own weight - and I expect action movies to stretch and break the bounds of the real world you and I live in, but Godzilla ignores, flouts, and breaks the laws of physics, geography, reality, and time so frequently I was actively distracted.
When Godzilla finally arrived, his action scenes battling the other monsters were good, but why was I subjected to these MUTOs for the first 45 minutes?
Sorry my review is not more interestingly critical; I saw this movie a month ago and all my fresh criticisms have evaporated. C-plus. (Arlington Capitol, in glorious 2D)

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