July 5, 2013

Movie 43

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Lots of people say "all the best parts of that movie are in the trailer" but with Movie 43, it's true. The trailer was hilarious and exciting, but the 94 minute movie contributed nothing more.
It's nice to see that all these A-list actors can cut loose and have fun- Oscar-winner Halle Berry is especially uninhibited - but the script feels equally casual and indifferent. The movie feels half-baked, and that's not surprising for a project that everyone involved seemed to squeeze in inbetween projects on their days off. The highlights: Griffin Dunne directs "Veronica": Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin's bizarre flirtation at the checkout counter; and  Elizabeth Banks directs "Middleschool Date", where ChloĆ« Grace Moretz gets her first period while on a date...and everyone FREAKS OUT. I recommend watching the trailer again, and leaving it at that.