June 16, 2013

This Is The End

What happens when six hapless man-child actors are trapped in a post-apocalyptic hellscape (literally) left to their own pathetic devices to survive?
A ridiculous, hilarious, and probably realistic post-Rapture disaster comedy.
Emma Watson's extended cameo is terrific.
This Is The End is full of shocking and funny explicit violence, funny and disgusting sexual conversations, and three giant penises: The first one is artsy home decor (three feet long), the second is tar-black, crusty, and demonic (18 inches long), the final penis belongs to The Devil himself, it's on fire and maybe 100 yards long. (I'm not expert on estimating penis length.)
I had a wonderful time, and once again, I have to thank the audience at the Somerville Theater for their complete attention and engagement. Consistently the best audiences of any theater. It's true that the boneheads behind us at Oblivion were the worst kind of self-absorbed useless morons, but no one cared about Oblivion. An "anticipated" movie like This Is The End, or the last movie I saw on this same screen - Star Trek Into Darkness, the audience is locked-in and enthusiastic. I am perfectly content to laugh my ass off when no one else is interested in a movie - just ask my wife for her impression of me laughing in a movie theater - but it certainly enhances a movie, especially a comedy, if the audience cares.
My Stub Hubby Grade: A