May 18, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

Another exciting, dramatic, and funny Star Trek movie that plays it safe.
Is it ironic that the first new Trek movie in 2009 took a big chance by hitting the reset button on the history of Trek, and now its sequel is playing it safe by doing more of the same?
At the end of Star Trek 2009, I was expecting the Enterprise to embark on a new five-year mission: now that the characters were reestablished, they could then tell new stories in subsequent movies.
Instead, Star Trek Into Darkness is essentially a remake of the Khan stories from the original TV series episode The Space Seed, and the Wrath Of Khan feature film.
He maybe ruthless and determined, but Benedict Cumberbatch is also
stored fresh in his Starfleet Tupperware!
I am not sure what the reasoning is behind reusing old Trek stories in the new franchise. I enjoyed the 2009 movie so much I don't feel that the franchise needs to lean on proven commodities. Do the producers feel that first-gen Trek fans like me won't remain loyal to this millennial crew without a connection to our sense of nostalgia?

Two Trek movies, two totally
gratuitous bra-and-panty scenes?
Do I have a totally warped perspective on the Khan character? The Wrath of Khan was released 31 years ago next month, but it feels fresh as a daisy on the Genesis planet. Unlike most of the other Trek films, Khan has remained in the public consciousness ever since.
The only other Trek movie that everyone and their mother knows is "the one with the whales", aka Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986). Maybe the Millennials only know Khan from animated GIFs on Reddit and Khan jokes on The Big Bang Theory?

Regardless, this Khan movie is good, the characterizations are solid, the relationships feel real and organic, but it's lacking the searing power of Khan's vengeance on Kirk. In this movie, Khan and Kirk are only linked incidentally, where some trivial plot machinations place them at odds. Somerville Theater (Main Screen), with Vinnie Pucci

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