December 29, 2012

Django Unchained

I saw five movies less than a month- four of them in two weeks - so I've fallen behind in my movie reviewing. Now that I've tapped out the Oscar nominees, I have time to write a little...

Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz are terrific in this explosive, sly, funny, but overlong and over-gruesome epic revenge thriller. I read somewhere that Waltz not only is ideally suited for Tarantino dialog, but he truly makes the character his own. I couldn't agree more.
Jamie Foxx is solid and unshowy as the liberated slave on the revenge warpath, very much in the quiet, Eastwood model of cowboy.
Leonardo DiCaprio is having fun but never truly menaces as Calvin Candie. Kerry Washington is a shockingly passive and silent "madonna" figure. I admit I have a pretty high tolerance for movie violence, but I had no stomach for some of the explicit violence; specifically the "mandingo fighting", where two men fight to the death, and watching a slave ripped apart by dogs isn't exactly on my bucket list.
Theater Notes: The theater was mostly full and at least half minorities. The crowd laughed hard at the (many) funny parts, and Samuel L. Jackson held the audience in the palm of his hand. He completely enthralled them.
AMC Aviation Plaza, Linden NJ, while my wife saw Les Miserables in a theater down the hall...