December 1, 2012

141 The Song Is Over

  1. "Pass The Peas" The J.B.'s
  2. "No Love Lost" Pat DiNizio has a wonderful, distinctive voice.  I love the Smithereens as a power-pop band, but DiNizio sounds great singing standards too. This track is from his debut solo album Songs & Sounds [1997], featuring a wonderful and non-ironic saxophone solo.
  3. "Game Of Pricks" This is my first Guided By Voices song, a band I have heard about secondhand for years and years.
  4. "Driver 8" Maybe my favorite R.E.M. song? Bold statement, but it feels true.
  5. "Jailbreak" AC/DC were a longtime holdout from the iTunes and Amazon's MP3 stores. Back in my high school DJ days, I played this song all the time, from their 1984 EP '74 Jailbreak.
  6. "Trampled Under Foot" [live 12/10/07] Led Zeppelin, from their reunion album Celebration Day. The concert movie really made me appreciate how Zeppelin invented the blues-rock band template which so many bands exploited throughout the 70s and 80s. For example, "Trampled Under Foot" [released April 1975] sounds like the direct inspiration for the next song on this mix...
  7. "Long Train Runnin'" ...wait a minute, I think I owe The Doobie Brothers an apology! "Long Train Runnin'" came out in March 1973! Regardless, tracks 6 and 7 sound like brothers.
  8. "The Song Is Over" Maybe there's a little too much Moog noodling on this Who song, and the song lingers around for over six minutes, but it was 1971, they can be forgiven.
  9. "Dear Prudence" The Beatles
  10. "Found Out About You" Gin Blossoms
  11. "Tearing Us Apart" Eric Clapton duets with Tina Turner from Clapton's 1986 album August (The Phil Collins Era). Amidst Turner's comeback- her Private Dancer album became a sensation in 1984-85 - she collaborated with Clapton, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, and Mick Jagger.
  12. "We Are Young" Fun., feat/Janelle Monae
  13. "Emmylou" First Aid Kit; terrible band name, very nice song. I think my wife discovered this band before this song was on the TV show Nashville?
  14. "A1 On The Jukebox" from Dave Edmunds album Tracks on Wax 4 [1978].
  15. "Heroes Are Hard to Find" Fleetwood Mac; a great Christine McVie song from the pre-Buckingham/Nicks era [1974]. The Mac is on tour again this year. Would I be interested in attending? As I said to my wife, "No McVie, no me!"
  16. "One Step Beyond" Madness