October 1, 2012

140 Trippin, Throwin, Rollin, & Tumblin

  1. "Cleo's Mood" Jr. Walker & The All-Stars
  2. "Tripping Billies" [live at Luther College February 6, 1996] Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
  3. "Throwing It All Away" Genesis
  4. "Hate To See You Like This" Fountains of Wayne
  5. "Hang Loose" Alabama Shakes
  6. "Sway" Rolling Stones
  7. "Feels Like The First Time" Foreigner; when he recorded it, did Lou Gramm know he was singing a future staple of strip clubs for decades to come?
  8. "Airstream Driver" Gomez
  9. "Gold On The Ceiling" The Black Keys; everytime I hear this song, in my head I'm singing a "Weird Al" style parody about vampires called "Blood On The Ceiling"
  10. "Miracle Man" [live] Elvis Costello & The Attractions; from a Stiff Records sampler Stiffs Live
  11. "We're Going To Be Friends" The White Stripes
  12. "Age of Consent" New Order
  13. "Ho Hey" The Lumineers
  14. "If I Wanted Someone" Dawes sounds like Daryl Hall & Crazy Horse, and that's okay with me.
  15. "Hello Hello" Missy Higgins
  16. "Everybody Loves You Now" [live July 1980, Bayou, Washington DC] In 1981, Billy Joel released Songs In The Attic:
    "At the time of its release, it was unique as being the first widely available appearance of music from his first album, Cold Spring Harbor [1971].
    Songs in the Attic introduced Billy Joel's early work to fans who had only come to know his work after The Stranger [1977]. In his earlier work, most of the instruments were played by session musicians, but by the late 1970s, Joel had a fairly consistent touring group, and so he wanted to showcase the songs with this band."
    Growing up as a Billy Joel fan, with Billy Joel as a musical cultural constant throughout the 1980s, I never ever heard this song. Two other live recordings from this album appeared on his 1985 two-disc Greatest Hits collection: "Say Goodbye To Hollywood" (June 1980, Milwaukee Arena) and "She's Got A Way", (June 1980, solo piano, The Paradise Rock Club!) It was almost as if his Greatest Hits collection was the limit of his catalog. I discovered this song in 2012, while listening to Alec Baldwin interview Joel on his podcast Here's The Thing.
  17. "Any Little Town" The Push Stars
  18. "Rollin' and Tumblin'" Bob Dylan
  19. "Smile Big" Leftover Cuties; as heard in a hurdles-themed running commercial during the London Summer Olympics
  20. "Must of Got Lost" J. Geils Band
  21. "Bad Girls" M.I.A.; as heard in The Mindy Project pilot.