August 31, 2012

139 Cheap Sunglasses

  1. "Go Your Own Way" A powerful cover of the Fleetwood Mac song, by The Cranberries. The hardest rocking, fastest paced Cranberries performance I've ever heard? From Legacy, a Tribute to Rumours
  2. "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" Full Phil Collins disclosure: I already owned No Jacket Required and Face Value on CD, plus a CD collection of all the remixes from No Jacket Required, plus some Genesis 12 inch singles from Invisible Touch. I also love "Easy Lover". This summer I picked up the entire Phil Collins Hits collection on the Amazon MP3 store for 99 cents. Who can argue with prices like this?
  3. "Give It Away" Red Hot Chili Peppers; after seeing Matthew Sweet and O Positive perform this summer, I am feeling a little early 90s nostalgia.
  4. "Runaway Baby" A real mixed message from Bruno Mars- I also bought Doo-Wops & Hooligans for 99 cents.
  5. "Cheap Sunglasses" Fun ZZ Top blues that takes it sweet time to wander around and finally come to a halt.I already owned a lot of ZZ Top when I picked up their 38-track "Best Of" collection Rancho Texicano for $2.99
  6. "Money's Too Tight (To Mention)" I was obsessed with this Simply Red song as a teenager, but listening to it now, the personalized verses and anti-Reagan lyrics don't jibe with an English singer. Turns out it's a cover of The Valentine Brothers, which explains the distinct American perspective in a song sung by an English band.
  7. "Pink Bedroom" A John Hiatt song, later covered by Roseanna Cash, from his 1980 album Two-Bit Monsters.
  8. "Labelled With Love" A country ballad from Squeeze's East Side Story
  9. "All That Heaven Will Allow" A cover of the Springsteen song by The Mavericks. Am I the only Springsteen fan who loves Tunnel Of Love? Does Bruce hate it? I feel like the only one.
  10. "Just A Boy" I used SoundHound to find the name of this Angus & Julia Stone song (heard in a store)
  11. "Suppose" Buffalo Tom
  12. Love this cover!
  13. "Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I'll Go Mine)" This summer I read some insightful rock criticism on Bob Dylan in the Ellen Willis collection Out of The Vinyl Deeps. Recommended for some honest, well-described, contemporaneous perspective on Dylan.
  14. "Girl Of My Dreams" I found this one-hit power pop wonder from Bram Tchaikovsky on the three-disc Poptopia collection circa 2000; I bought the LP Strange Man Changed Man at John Doe Records in Hudson NY this summer. Did I buy it for the cool cover art? A little bit.
  15. "Young Blood" The Naked And Famous
  16. "(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care" Cee Lo Green; from a Buddy Holly tribute
  17. "Honey Love" I recently backfilled my golden oldies collection with a ridiculous MP3 deal on 111 Rock 'N' Roll Superhits for $2.99? That's 2 cents per song! Amongst the "super" hits is this ska-ish tune from Bunny Paul, a cover of a Clyde McPhatter song.
  18. "My Old School" The antique CD A Decade Of Steely Dan was mastered nearly 30 years ago, at a tiny fraction of the volume level you can expect from today's CDs and MP3s mastered in the 21st century.
    Most indifferent album cover ever, or
    quintessential triumph of slick 80s
    graphic design over substance?
  19. "The Battle of Evermore"; Led Zeppelin featuring Sandy Denny - I never realized that Robert Plant does not sing this entire song- I assumed he double-tracked the parts that overlap. Turns out Plant shares the mic with Fairport Convention singer Sandy Denny (1947-1978), the pre-eminent British folk-rock singer.  My friend George (mandolin) and me (guitar) took a shot at playing this song this summer. George did a respectable job imitating Denny's soprano vocals!
  20. "Cemetery Guns" Fountains of Wayne
  21. "Winter Winds" Mumford & Sons; both of these last two songs were on my list of artists to catch up with in my August post Falling Behind.

August 12, 2012

Total Recall (2012)

I saw the remake of Total Recall, but I don't remember it. OR DO I? DUM Dum Dummmmmmm...
I think I was with Adam, at the Somerville Theater, but that may be a memory implant.
ALSO: Here's my review of the 1990 movie

August 1, 2012

Falling Behind

On my 45-min commute, I've been listening to podcasts almost exclusively for ages. I've totally fallen behind listening to music! In the past year, I've bought albums by The Jayhawks, White Stripes, Black Keys (El Camino and Brothers), Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes, Wilco, and Bruce Springsteen, but only listened to them once or not at all! I'm remedying this starting today. Right now I'm listening to Fountains Of Wayne Sky Full of Holes, an album I bought a year ago this week but only listened to once. If you see more of these bands in upcoming music mixes, this is why.