July 21, 2012

138 Seven Day Weekend

  1.  "Seven Day Weekend" Elvis Costello & Jimmy Cliff; the opening titles song from the terrible 1986 comedy Club Paradise
  2. "Awake" Letters To Cleo, from their major-label sophomore debut, Wholesale Meats & Fish. I didn't remember that I knew this mid-90s nugget until I heard it again.
  3. "Always On The Run" (aka the "My mama said..." song) Lenny Kravitz, featuring Slash
  4. "Merry Happy" I heard this Kate Nash on a TV show, but I don't remember which.
  5. "Easy Heaven"  Brat's MasterMix mashes up "Easy Like Sunday Morning" with "Just Like Heaven". It's flawless.
  6. "Losing My Religion" (live) R.E.M. did not tour to support Out Of Time, but they did a TON of live acoustic TV appearances, plus a handful of concerts. I have two different live recordings of this song from that period, released as B-sides. I forget which this is.
  7. "Overflow"  O Positive are channeling The Cure on this track from the Theodore Alternative Music Sampler.
  8. "Call Me Maybe" I paid 25c for Carly Rae Jespen's megahit.
  9. "The Right Thing" (extended version) Simply Red, from the twelve inch single. A far better arrangement than the version on the Women & Men LP.
  10. "Dancing In The Dark" (live) Mat Kearney; I heard a solo acoustic performance of the Springsteen song in a tee shirt shop in Provincetown on vacation. My SoundHound app could not identify it. I found a bunch of covers on iTunes, and this recording sounds like it might be the one I heard that day. I used to call this Bruce's "sellout" song, as it was written by the request of Bruce's manager Jon Landau to be the leadoff single from Born In The U.S.A. Some years ago I realized I was holding a grudge against this song for no good reason, and started to like it again. Also, I saw Bruce perform it on his London Calling Live DVD, where the arrangement makes it sound almost like Born To Run!
  11. "Truly Truly" Grant Lee Buffalo; another mid-90s song I forgot I knew until I heard it again.
  12. "The Cave" Mumford & Sons
  13. "Octopus's Garden" An exciting re-arrangement from The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil album.
  14. "Saints" The Breeders; "Summer is ready when you are."
  15. "Little Head" John Hiatt
  16. "You Make It So Hard (To Say No)" Boz Scaggs
  17. "Heavy Dream" Parlour Bells are a Boston-based cabaret-rock band, reminiscent of Duran Duran, if they'd liked Roxy Music more and disco less.
  18. "Come Inside" Orbit
  19. "Birthday" Paul Weller covers Paul McCartney for his birthday.
  20. "Mercy" Duffy
  21. "New Slang" The Shins 
Parlour Bells, live at the Paradise June 30th,
the night I saw them at the WFNX farewell party.