May 5, 2012

Guys Movie Night: The Avengers

It's not much fun writing about great movies, so this one is short.
Marvel's The Avengers is pretty much perfect. An impressive feat considering the challenge of making a movie with four stars (or seven, depending on how you count). Congratulations to writer/director Joss Whedon and co-writer Zak Penn* for taking seven already defined characters, give them backstories, and mix them in a movie together, and make it work. With his track record on Firefly and Buffy, I should have known Whedon could make ensembles work, and anyone who's seen the Reaver-Alliance space battle scenes in Serenity knew the action would be airtight.

NOTE: If you're not one of the 49,000,000 Americans who's seen it already, you must stay in the theater all the way until all the credits are done, for the funniest scene in any movie ever. Well worth the wait. According to Box Office Mojo, The Avengers is #96 in All-Time Domestic Box Office (Adjusted for Inflation). That's 49,000,000 tickets sold for $389,000,000, right in between Terminator 2 and Indiana Jones 3. This chart does not count the hundreds of millions earned overseas.
NOTE: Zak Penn (born 1968) is the least-known creative person who I've never heard of in the comic movie world. (did that make any sense?) He wrote the story or screenplay for The Last Action Hero, Inspector Gadget, X-Men 2, Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand (aka X-Men 3), and The Incredible Hulk.

Other Marvel Superhero Movies I've Seen, (not already hotlinked above)
Guys Movie Night at Loews Boston Common with Adam and Angus. The theater and audience were both wonderful, although I am still not a fan of 3D. My right eye waters the whole time I'm using those glasses. I also developed a strong headache, although the three or four servings of tequila I enjoyed in my margaritas at dinner may have contributed! The lobby of the theater was complete anarchy. I bought my ticket in advance but did not print it out. I had never had a problem with the automatic ticket machines until that night. There were two rows of five machines in the lobby. The group we chose had a small line waiting, BUT three of the five machines were not working, probably due to overwhelming demand. The machine I used literally gave up in the middle of my transaction: it printed my ticket...then, before it could cut my ticket from the roll and print the receipt separately, it died. I had to carefully yank my precious ticket out of the machine without ripping it, then, once the whole ticket was exposed, I used the outer housing of the machine as a crude edge to rip my ticket off the roll. By the time Angus and I managed to print our tickets (Adam printed his in advance and saved us some great seats) the line behind us was crazy long. Lessons learned:
  • I wanted to go on opening night to enjoy the full house reactions to the movie. Be prepared for the dark side of opening night too!
  • Always print your ticket in advance.
  • I keep saying 3D never again. Maybe it'll stick this time.
  • Never go to Boston Common again, at least not on the weekend.
  • Drink lots of water before drinking so much tequila.