March 17, 2012

Yellow Submarine

For stoners only. Eye-bulging psychedelic "pop art" animation and spectacular music cannot save this plotless and overlong wandering through the Beatles middle catalog. The voice actors are mostly indistinguishable from each other, their dialog is mostly bad puns, the plot is "Beatles music makes bad feelings go away". The rest of the movie is Beatles music set to a Peter Max poster come to life. Beatles music in remastered stereo sound cranked up to 11, with imaginative surreal imagery is pretty awesome, but even I wondered why the movie was 89 minutes long.
NOTES: Wikipedia tells me that the character of George was voiced by one actor for half the movie, then the guy playing Paul filled in and did both. No wonder they're indistinguishable!
This plotless meandering screenplay is credited to four men! Paramount Theater, Austin TX