March 25, 2012

DVD review: Stripes

I was too young to see Stripes in the theater in 1981.  I know I saw it on a videotape at a friend's house when I was 11 or 12, because I remember the topless scenes, and I remember Bill Murray's groovy marching drills at basic training graduation. Nothing like topless ladies to make a lasting memory on an adolescent boy. Re-watching Stripes on DVD in 2012, Bill Murray's Winger is a real loser jackass. He talks his best friend Ziskey into enlisting, then Winger tries to go AWOL and abandon his best friend! He doesn't show any moral fiber until the very end of the movie. I did appreciate the chemistry between Murray and Harold Ramis. You could tell they were real friends.
I am a fan of composer Elmer Bernstein, but it's too bad the main theme he wrote for Stripes is overused. By the closing credits, I was very tired of it.