August 27, 2011

Land of the Undead Movie Web Site

While writing a joke for my post about Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I Googled "deep blue sea" looking for a picture of Sam Jackson getting bitten in half by the shark. The first result simply said
and I immediately knew, based on the extra spaces between the letters, that this must be the original web site from 1999. I was not disappointed.
Visiting the site was like stepping back in time, to a more innocent era, before Y2K, when Windows 95 was preferable to Windows 98, when getting a free email account was still novel.
I am convinced that this site is still up and running --well, shambling along is more like it-- because no one still works at Warner Bros who remembers the login and password to edit the site.
Put on your spelunker's helmet and join me as I explore some of the relics. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, take a look for yourself. Just tell a friend where you're going in case you get lost...D E E P B L U E S E A
  • The home page lets you choose between the Full Site (requires Flash) or the "Lite Site" for you folks with dial up
  • The home page link for Warner Brothers Pay Per View is dead
  • The home page link for legal/privacy info link is dead. There is no law here! Anarchy rules!
  • The link to Deep Blue Sea message boards is dead
  • The link to DBS Web Cards is dead. I think "Web Cards" were kind of like those E-Cards you send to your wonderful aunt who still has an email address.
  • The interviews with director Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) are available as streaming Realtime or downloadable Quicktime. Realtime is the work of the devil, and I don't have QT installed, so I don't dare click on them.
  • The soundtrack is available for purchase at is gone.
  • "Build your own Deep Blue Sea home page. Go to Acme City to pick up a bunch of free pictures and other items, and go to work. Best make it water-tight, though." I think this was an attempt to help you build your own fansite on Geocities or something: "Hopelessly Devoted To Deep Blue Sea"? I think we call that "viral marketing" now.. (ps that Acme City link is dead.)
  • Four of the six external links for fun facts about sharks still work!
  • What would happen to my 2011 Lenovo laptop if I downloaded and installed a 1999 screen saver from the movie Deep Blue Sea? I'm not going to find out.
Two more thoughts:
Samuel L. Jackson is like one of those kids' games where you take a bald head and add glasses, beards, random haircuts...
Saffron Burrows in a bikini.

NOTE: I'm sorry that the title of this post mixes two horror genres- the zombie movie with the shark movie, but the web site as zombie image fit the best, and now that I think about it, where are all the zombie shark movies? Do I have to all the thinking for you, Hollywood?