July 1, 2011

Top Ten Tom Hanks Movies

With Tom Hanks's Larry Crowne in theaters now-- I'm guessing that'll be the best movie I watch on demand this fall-- Boston.com hosted a "rank your favorite Tom Hanks movies" page. My list is below. I guess my criteria is "movies I like to see more than once" which eliminates Philadelphia. At the last second I replaced Apollo 13 with The Da Vinci Code on this list. Both are great fun, both are Ron Howard movies, but Apollo 13 is serious and respectable, while Da Vinci Code is ridiculous fantasy. I literally did not understand the plot of "The Leonardo Code" (as it should be called), and, at the time, I was disappointed with the movie, but it's been growing on me when I catch it on cable tv.

In alphabetical order; click on the links to read my Stub Hubby reviews: