June 3, 2011


A funny, thoughtful, and real movie about women and the way they behave on Planet Earth- with some great vomit and diarrhea jokes too.
Based on the commercials, I was expecting a romp. There is some nutty physical comedy, including some acrobatic sex, emergency bowel evacuations, a passive-aggressive tennis match (music by AC/DC), and of course, topless driving. I am not making this up. However, the movie is NOT "the female Hangover" like the marketing weasels desperately hoped you'd think. I would compare it more closely to The 40 Year-Old Virgin; a hard-R crass comedy which also tries to be honest about contemporary relationships too.
I am not a "drunk the Kool-Aid" Kristen Wiig fanatic; I think her manic characters on SNL are mostly just manic. However, she shows all sorts of layers and subtlety here; she cowrote the movie, which helps. After her Act 3 meltdown, she drives home, about to hit rock bottom, and all she does is stare off into the distance and say "Shit." A very nice and real moment! Soon after she bottoms out at work, where she gets into a sparring match with a truculent teenage customer; she actually goes for the nuclear option and calls her a see-you-next-Tuesday! BOOM!

Two newcomers stole all their scenes. Chris O'Dowd is the love interest, or, as my wife called him, "the Irish Seth Rogen!" he indeed has that modest charm and goofy demeanor which Rogen has made castable. He's so non-Hollywood, with a big friendly face, that you can't stop looking at him, especially when Wiig's other boyfriend is Jon Hamm, the most straight Hollywood face ever.
Meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy pins her scenes to the carpet and slaps them around. She plays the woman with no pretensions, incapable of bullshit. I can't wait to see what's next for her!

My grade: Solid A! My only complaint- Jill Clayburgh (as Wiig's mom) has the exact same hair color treatment as Wiig. It's like they decided to ensure they looked related by using the same color and highlights on them both. When they hug, their hair seems to meld together!

Upstairs at the Somerville Theater, with George D. The theater was 90% full, and 80% of that was ladies. I think George said "I think we're the only pair of guys here." Before the show, the woman next to me said "Do you mind if I ask a rude question?" I was ready to be asked "Did you fart just now?" but instead, she asked "Have you heard if The Hangover 2 is any good?" by which she meant "Why did you and your guy friend come see this instead of Hangover 2?" I explained that our wives had seen Bridesmaids last week and recommended it to us. They thought this was charming. I explained that I loved The Hangover 1 (I saw it downstairs on the big screen two years earlier, I even dressed as Zach/Alan for our Oscars party), but Bridesmaids had been very strongly recommended. I tried not to say "I assume Hangover 2 sucks", because, honestly, I have enough opinions I want to share about movies I have seen, no need to waste people's time on opinions of movies I have not seen.