August 11, 2010

The Other Guys

As a grand experiment in first-time parenting, and for the first time since our last "rent a cabin in the woods" vacation (War of the Worlds in 2005), we went to the drive-in movies... this time, with a baby!

The Hollywood Drive-In, Wynantskill, NY is a family-owned business, with a real mom-and-pop feel. The program included a list of 101 things NOT to do at the drive in ("be sure to engage the parking brake so you don't roll backwards and crush the car behind you"). Modern drive-ins use a low-power FM transmitter to broadcast the audio: we were treated to music and goofy announcements from our own personal DJ!
I wish the movie was worth all the trouble. The Other Guys is a buddy comedy with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Speaking as a big fan of Will Ferrell in Old School and Anchorman, it's sad to see him devolve onscreen, from playing characters, to basically playing a pastiche of quirks and oddities. Ferrell's movies (Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory) are constructed by shooting as much funny shit as possible, then editing together the best of the best. Whether the results made any sense has mattered less and less over the years, until now, Ferrell isn't playing a character anymore, he's just the sum of the funniest stuff they shot.

Mark Wahlberg takes his rogue detective from The Departed and torques up the stress and anger even further. It's awesome!
The plot was just complicated enough to be distracting.
The last movie of Ferrell's that I am glad I paid to see was Talladega Nights. We saw Blades of Glory on a Friday night when my wife was desparate for some work-week stress relief, and we only saw this movie because we wanted to try going to the drive-in again. My grade: C-PLUS.
In the end, we learned a lot about how to take the baby to the drive-in. The irony is, we have only gone to the drive-in twice in five years, so, at this rate, the boy will be going on six by the time we do it again!