August 19, 2010

Clooney Seal of Approval

My admiration for George Clooney has been growing the last few years, but I just realized how dependable he is when I saw a TV spot for his new movie, The American. I thought to myself "ooh, I gotta go see that." I like suspense thrillers with snipers, footchases, and exotic women as much as the next guy, but The American has real potential, thanks to The George Clooney Seal of Quality. Starting with From Dusk Till Dawn in 1996, George Clooney has averaged two movies per year. I have seen all but three of them, and 15 of 25 in the theater. He just kept on making quality films, one after the other, rarely falling into genre roles, usually modestly ignoring his good looks, and seeking out challenging material. Here are links to my Clooney reviews in this blog, with some superlatives:
I have also seen (on home video) Leatherheads, Ocean's Thirteen, Welcome to Collinwood, O Brother, Where Art Thou? Out of Sight, Batman & Robin, and From Dusk Till Dawn. I have not seen The Men Who Stare at Goats, Up in the Air, or The Peacemaker (1997).
  • Favorite Clooney movie (tie): O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Out of Sight, two movies I missed in theaters.
  • Least favorite Clooney movie: Ocean's Twelve