July 29, 2010

I'm Still Thinking About INCEPTION

Compare Leo DiCaprio in Inception and Robert Redford in The Sting:

His ulterior motive for bringing down The Mark (Cillian Murphy):
  • Cobb: Redemption for wife's death
  • Hooker: Revenge for partner's murder

He convinces The Mark to work with him to bring down a rival:
  • Cobb convinces Fischer (Cillian Murphy) to take down Browning (Tom Berenger)
  • Hooker convinces Lonnegan (Robert Shaw) to take down Gondorff (Paul Newman)
He keeps a secret from his associates which threatens whole sting:
  • Cobb's dead wife haunts his subconscious
  • Hooker haunted by vindictive cop
He refuses his share of the take:
  • Cobb promises his whole share to the Chemist, Yusuf
  • Hooker declines to accept his share: "I'd just blow it."

My favorite Inception joke so far, from Savage Chickens