December 20, 2009


An exciting, broad-stroke epic, perfectly realized by James Cameron. The aliens and their future world are perfectly presented without artifice. All the dreams of alien worlds from the entire history of science fiction were finally realized. Who knew that James Cameron cared about our innate connection and dependence on sustaining Mother Gaia? Every tree is sacred? As my friend Brian pointed out, Cameron's misanthropy was securely in place, in the part of the imperialist strip-mining corporation.

I give this movie an A-minus. What was wrong with it? The villain was completely one-dimensional, with no motivation except simple war-mongering. All the characters could have used more detail and emotion. Also, the plot is completely cribbed from Disney's screenplay for Pocahontas, so I never for one moment wondered what would happen next.

It is not necessary to see Avatar in 3D. It was only occasionally distracting. If you have not yet seen a movie with this new 3D technology, picture and entire movie presented like a ViewMaster, and that's the sensation you get. (In REALD 3D at Cinema Du Lux, Dedham)