May 13, 2009

Summer Movie Preview

These are the movies I want to see.
  • I just read Dan Brown's novel Angels & Demons. It was so poorly written, I started quoting the worst passages to my wife. However, the plot is gripping and will make an exciting movie. It must turn out better than the inscrutable Da Vinci Code, whose plot I could not follow. UPDATE: Poor reviews have demoted this movie to "Must Rent" status.
  • I am a huge fan of the first two Terminator movies. When I finally saw the third movie on HBO, I was not impressed. I had zero interest in a fourth Terminator movie, until I saw the intriguing trailers for Terminator: Salvation- the plot tease seems to be adding a new exciting variation into the Skynet world, let's see how the reviews look before I pony up $10. UPDATE: One year later (May 2010) I finally saw this on DVD. Boy, what a grim movie. Any film which starts after 6,000,000,000 people have been wiped out is tough to get excited about. Even if the Resistance does destroy Skynet, the remains of the human race are still living on a post-nuclear cinder. Yay! Break out the party hats! As I saw in the trailer, there were some novel ideas introduced, but so many missed opportunities. Coolest moment by far is when John Connor (Christian Bale) fights the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator. Yes, they used CGI to create a photorealistic Arnold, just like he looked in 1984. Pretty neat, and almost believable.
  • The new Pixar movie is called Up. I have really enjoyed all the Pixar movies (except Cars). I finally saw UP in November 2009, and I liked it. I was a little distracted by my newborn son, but that's a tradeoff I can live with!
  • The Hangover, from the director of Old School!
  • Public Enemies is a gangster movie directed by Michael Mann. Need I say more?
  • Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince, finally.
  • The new Tarantino movie, Inglourious Basterds [sic]. I finally saw Basterds on DVD in January 2010, and I was totally underwhelmed. Yes, the opening farmhouse scene is amazing, and Christoph Waltz is spellbinding as The Jew Hunter. However, the trailers include every second of action from the whole movie, and some which didn't make it into the movie, and as a result, paint a totally inaccurate picture of the film. As my wife put it, "as usual, QT has too many good ideas stuffed into one movie" and "sometimes I think Brad Pitt cannot act at all."