January 10, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

slumdogA simple romantic Dickensian drama told very cleverly, Slumdog Millionaire tells a very common story of an orphan who survives the slums of Mumbai through courage, heart, guile, and perseverance-- all through the lens of quiz show questions. This movie has so much heart, it makes Benjamin Button look like a bloodless effects exercise by comparison. I'm giving Slumdog an A grade, it narrowly avoids an A-plus because it didn't make me cry- but close! I hope it wins Best Picture.
Be warned: there are two brief but disturbing scenes of torture, one of them in the first five minutes. (with Emily and Pickles, at the Lexington Flick)
THEATER NOTES: The Lexington Flick was very full of middle-aged persons whom I can only assume are mentally retarded. Admittedly, the movie was in two languages, and the dialog was not always well recorded. Every time something happened which was not immediately explained or obvious, half the spouses leaned over to their more silent halves and started whispering, or even talking out loud: "What was that?"; "I don't get it"; "What did he say?" Slumdog was such a simple story, you could follow the plot if it were shown on an airplane and you didn't rent the headphones, AND you were watching the screen of the guy across the aisle from you. Yet these entitled assnuggets talk out loud like they're at home. Go home and watch Two And A Half Men- that's about the sophistication level these people can handle. Ugg.