May 3, 2008

Guys Movie Night: Iron Man

Really very good. I was very pleased with the action, the drama, the comedy, the heart, the un-obtrusive effects. Robert Downey Jr. is a charming combination of witty, loose, rebellious, and passionate, and the urban youth audience at Boston Common simply loved him in this movie. I have my doubts that they've seen him in many movies- I don't think Wonder Boys made $100,000,000 in its opening weekend -- but he carried the crowd around in the palm of his hand (see photo).
QUIBBLES: The hole in Stark's chest was implausibly deep. And the paid placements of Audi vehicles were a bit tedious. And I am starting to wonder what we all saw in Gwyneth Paltrow in the first place? We also saw some all-new trailers, of varying excitability:
  • Indy 4: I get less excited for this movie with every additional promo I see.
  • The Dark Knight: I am concerned about the Multiplying Villains Sequel Syndrome: I hope Harvey "Two-Face" Dent doesn't become a bad guy until the end of this movie. I think we can all agree that The Joker is enough villany for one movie.
  • The Incredible Hulk: Edward Norton is a great choice to play David Banner. We all know he has a bottomless well of intensity- just rent The Illusionist to sample his intense staring. However, the new Hulk effects look uninspired, and the Hulk-like bad guy he must battle (Tim Roth gets irradiated too?) looks even worse. From a marketing standpoint, I don't understand the casting: none of the names above the title will draw people in. I predict this will bomb as hard as Speed Racer did.
  • You Don't Mess with The Zohan: The audience loved this trailer. I have my doubts.
  • The Love Guru: All the old Austin Powers jokes have been recycled. I simply cannot believe that he has brought back Mini-me again. Is he writing jokes in a complete vacuum? The audience just sat there and waited for it to be over.
  • Hamlet 2: Steve Coogan (Night at the Museum) is a bad actor-turned-high school drama teacher who tries to save his drama program by staging a ridiculous musical sequel to Hamlet, featuring, if we are to believe the trailer, Jesus Christ and a time machine. The audience also laughed repeatedly at this trailer, a much better reaction that The Love Guru got!
(At AMC Boston Common, DLP, with Angus, Mike, Pete, Phil, and Tom. Ilan bought tickets for Friday night by mistake, so Ilan and Brian went to a later show.)