September 22, 2006

Jet Li's Fearless: Guys Movie Night

fearlessBeautifully choreographed martial arts battles, combined with a strong spiritual message, Fearless is a harmless biopic of a martial arts fighter who learns to put honor and family before pride. The theater was 75% full, and the crowd got a little giggly at times. When Huo Yuan Jia (Jet Li) was on the verge of finishing off his greatest rival, the soundtrack got real quiet, and one viewer said calmly "Say goodnight." so that everyone could hear it. Once Huo Yuan Jia punched his rival so hard his fist bulged through the rival's back, he said it again. Later, a young boy rushes into Huo Yuan Jia's bedroom to awaken him, the young boy grabs him by the upper thigh, and the crowd started giggling again. Finally, near the very end of the movie, Huo Yuan Jia is practising his moves in a field in slow motion, and the crowd got to gigging over Huo Yuan Jia's mildly silly facial expressions. Fellow GMN attendee George theorizes that a few stoners were the source of the giggling. (Regal Cinemas Fenway)