September 16, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

devilwearspradaA perfectly cute little comedy. Anne Hathaway is Andy, the aspiring journalist who takes a job as an assistant to a fashion magazine editor, notorious sadist/dragon lady Miranda Priestly (based on Anna Wintour of Vogue), played with quiet ferocity by Meryl Streep having her own brand of fun. Miranda is the most powerful force in the fashion business, and she intends to keep herself on top. She succeeds by ruling with an iron fist, never revealing her own decision-making process, and surrounding herself with simpering idiots. Andy is different from any assistant Miranda has ever had, for two reasons: she is not a simpering idiot, and she doesn't care about fashion, translation: she isn't a threat to Miranda's tenure in the top spot. I have not seen any of Hathaway's other comedies (of her eight screen appearances, I have only seen her perfect supporting role in Brokeback Mountain) but she offers a sweet, light comedic touch in a part which avoids dumb cliche. Andy is also buffeted by the derogatory bluster of the newly-promoted assistant (Emily Blunt), who trains Andy to fill her old position with equal parts condescention and ridicule. Blunt just barely avoids leaving her character a one-note harpy- a few scenes late in the movie salvage her character from the 2-D bin. I am glad we did not pay full price for this movie- it would make excellent in-flight movie material! (Somerville Theater)