May 26, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

It's been over a month since my last entry in this Diary. A planned Mission: Impossible III Guys Movie Night fell through, thanks to my poor planning (I neglected to check to see if the Red Sox were playing that night). April is usually a pretty quiet month for movies, and Emily and I made up for the lapse by seeing two of the early-"summer" blockbusters in one weekend.
X3 is a fine conclusion to the X-Men series of films, even if it's clunky and overlong compared to X1 and X2. A teen-romance subplot between Rogue, Iceman, and Kitty Pryde slowed the proceedings to a crawl, and dragged the drama into "The OC" territory, even if it seemed like it was a necessary evil to establish Rogue's motivations. Brett Ratner, a Hollywood hack whom I have no respect for, replaced director Bryan Singer after pre-production, (Singer chose to resurrect the Superman franchise instead.) As a result, the elements which were in place before Ratner arrived are quite solid. The screenplay is topical and dark, daring to kill off three major characters and "curing" three other major characters of their mutant powers. These fatal choices, plus the law of diminishing returns, spells the end of the X-Men franchise, except for a possible Wolverine spinoff.

Theater Notes

Mr. Jack Pelletier joined Emily and I at the AMC Boston Common. X3 was showing on 4 screens at once, yet the theater was still 98% full. We ended up in the fourth row from the front, which in the old 1980s theaters was a death sentence. In this marvelous modern age of theater design, the movie was quite watchable from up front. As the lights came up, I proclaimed in a pedantic, Comic Book Guy manner: "C plus!", but Jack and Emily talked me up to a B-minus.

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