March 14, 2006

Ultraviolet: Guys Movie Night

Marc, Jeff, and Ken joined me for this weak brew of Blade and Aeon Flux. In a futuristic Orwellian dystopia, a sexy assassin with special ass-kicking powers (Milla Jovovich, The Fifth Element) fights to save an adolescent boy (with some kind of secret lurking in his veins) from a plague of faceless, black-clad soldiers. Jovovich must have "killed" more stuntmen in this 88 minute video game than Viggo Mortensen did in 11 hours of Lord of The Rings! Ultraviolet feels like a fairly intriguing if cliched two-hour sci-fi shoot-em-up, where half an hour of interesting detail has been edited out: There are only five characters with more than one line of dialog, and I don't think there were any scenes where Violet talked to more than one person at a time. It's one insanely outnumbered confrontation after another, alternating between swordplay and gunplay, with a sad muddle of a plot strewn about like the bodies of the faceless dead. One car-motorcycle-helicopter chase sequence was rendered as well as a poor video game. Our theater held fourteen people, including the four of us. Three guys left about 20 minutes in, and another guy fell asleep, and was indeed fast asleep even after the credits were over. (AMC Fenway)

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