August 7, 2004

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

manchurianA dark and creepy thriller, with quality performances from top to bottom, a good script and intense direction from Jonathan Demme. Em predicts this will win Best Sound Editing at the Oscars- she was right about Master & Commander last year, after all... (AMC Fenway)

August 3, 2004

1980s Musicals Double Feature

An odd choice for a double feature! I find The Muppets Take Manhattan to be pretty tedious. The whole relationship between Kermit and the aspiring actress stuck in the dead-end waitress job is frankly kinda weird. The whole joke where Kermit gets amnesia and doesn't remember Miss Piggy is pretty funny, though.blues
While I had never seen The Blues Brothers on the big screen before, I have seen in on home video way too many times: I bought the movie on VHS around 1988, when a neighbor decided to get out of the in-house movie rental business: I bought The Blues Brothers and Ferris Bueller from her. Brattle Theater, Cambridge)