December 12, 2003


I have always loved this movie, and when I get a chance to see it on TV, it's always so...segmented. When I saw it on AMC in 2015 it was chopped up with commercials and cut to ribbons to make it shorter too! My love for Scrooged deserves a theatrical exhibition. When Emily and I went to see Love Actually at the AMC Fenway, I noticed that the theater was showing Scrooged at midnight that night, so I stuck around afterwards and caught the midnight show.
2015 Update: Watching it again on AMC, I finally noticed that Frank gives Claire Ginsu steak knives for Christmas not only because he's a guy, but also because Ginsu knives are advertised on TV and all Frank does is watch TV.
2016 Update: I finally bought Scrooged (on Amazon) because the TV version cuts out stuff, and it seems silly to rent it once for $4 when I could buy it for $7. This time I noticed:
When the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Frank back to The Frisbee Show on the night Claire breaks up with him, there are several shots of Murray silently realizing where he is and a sinking, sad, regretful look crosses his face. The first-time viewer does not know yet that 1970s Frank is about to let the love of his life slip away, but these moments show off Murray's quiet, subtle performance in a movie where he mostly plays big for laughs.