December 11, 2003

93 and 94: Whitfield Roommates

I composed, burned, and packaged these two mixes at the same time.
The Cover: I used a photo of my girlfriend and her two roommates for the cover, because they looked vaguely like a lo-fi indie rock trio. I gave the two mixes titles from random quotes of the week which I have totally forgotten.
Mix 93: Critical Darlings of Your Choice
  1. Supercollider | Fountains of Wayne
  2. Planet Telex | Radiohead
  3. Sweet Emotion | Aerosmith
  4. School Of Rock | From the School of Rock movie soundtrack.
  5. Sink The Pink | This AC/DC song is here because the guitar riff on the SoR song sounds so similar.
  6. In The Street | Big Star
  7. The Banana Splits Song | From a CD collection of covers of Saturday morning children's cartoons.
  8. Set You Free | The first Black Keys song I ever heard, from the School Of Rock soundtrack; I loved them from the very beginning. "Who is this band that sounds like Jimi Hendrix?"
  9. So Whatcha Want | Beastie Boys
  10. I'm An Adult Now | An old college buddy of mine claims to have been childhood penpals with Moe Berg, the lead singer of The Pursuit of Happiness.
  11. Gentlemen | When I was interning at WFNX in 1993-94, I met Afghan Whigs lead singer Greg Dulli.
  12. Love Comes And Goes | My special edition DVD of Almost Famous came with a four-track CD of Sweetwater songs.
  13. I'll Wait | Van Halen
  14. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face | Coldplay
  15. Guns Of Brixton | The Clash
  16. Burning Down The House | The Talking Heads Live at the Pantages Theatre, Hollywood December 1983
  17. Thorns | The Thorns
  18. Photograph | Def Leppard
Mix 94: Wild, Unexpected, and Altogether Memorable
The same cover photo, just cropped slightly differently.
  1. Good Vibrations | The Beach Boys
  2. Running Out Of Time | Joan Osbourne
  3. Mississippi | Sheryl Crow
  4. Gotta Serve Somebody | This Bob Dylan song, from his "re-born Christian" phase, had been recently featured on the closing credits of The Sopranos.
  5. Go West | Liz Phair
  6. Two of Us | The Beatles
  7. Red-Eyed and Blue | Wilco
  8. Maria's Beautiful Mess | Ellis Paul
  9. Angeles | Elliot Smith
  10. Please Forgive Me | David Gray
  11. A Sort of Homecoming | U2
  12. Clocks | Coldplay
  13. Still Be Around | Uncle Tupelo
  14. I Started A Joke | The Wallflowers covering the Bee Gees on the Zoolander soundtrack.
  15. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) | Hall & Oates
  16. Valley Winter Song | Fountains of Wayne
  17. Sara | Fleetwood Mac
  18. Tangerine | Led Zeppelin